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Have You Ever Wished Upon A Star?

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I've been an admirer of George’s art for over 20 years!! His style is always changing and I like cookie cutter here! He did a portrait for me and I love it. He captured my spirit in such a beautiful way. George is an amazing human being and that definitely comes through in his work. Be rebellious .. buy Art!!!


I have a piece by George – I absolutely love it. Every time I see it I get happy. Incidentally, George is an amazing human being, full of kindness and generosity. Knowing the artist has fine soul makes me enjoy my piece even more. 100% recommended!


I had seen the original painting of for months. I would just stand there and stare at it...the longer I looked the more I saw. Finally I bought Deep Sea Nebula (the first time I'd EVER bought an original piece of art!). I have it positioned so every time I come out of my bedroom I see it and it fills me with joy.

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Have you ever wished upon a star?

I did…and I wished for a different life.

There’s a veneer of southern charm that becomes part of your DNA when you grow up in Texas. But there can also be hidden currents of racism, bigotry, and rigid norms of masculinity.

Attitudes have changed, but 40 years ago the pressure to conform was suffocating. Especially for people like me.

People who yearned to live a more unconventional life.

Then one day my best friend Jay called me on the phone and casually said…

“What’s your credit card number?”

I gave it to him.

“WAIT…why do you need that?” I asked.

“If I’ve EVER known anyone who needed to go to Hawaii, it’s you.” he replied.“You dread the cold, you work too much and you hate wearing clothes. Anyway, you just paid for your ticket. We leave in three weeks.”

Taken back I said “Sure…why not?”

I’d only seen pictures of the ocean and I’d always wished I could see the real thing.

All I expected was a little vacation.

It was a long, non-stop flight from Dallas and the drive from the airport felt just as long. By the time we got to the hotel it was late and I was exhausted but too wound up to sleep.

After dropping my bag in the room I went down to the beach.

The soothing sound of the ocean was seductive.

I dipped my toes into the exotic water and felt warm, gentle waves lapping over my toes.

As my feet sank into the soft, cool sand I gazed up at the infinite night sky embracing the island.

The incomprehensible number of stars was spellbinding.

Each one a twinkling invitation to a cosmic dance. Each one whispering the secrets of the universe.

Constellations stood steadfast and immovable, luminous rivers of stardust painting a celestial path to my dreams.

And beyond my sight, I knew, were things unseen.

Nebulas, those ethereal veils of color and light…masterpieces of the cosmos where stars are born.

They’ve all been there, above us, since the beginning of time.

Beneath that night sky I wished for a different life. I wished I could stay in Hawaii forever.

But here’s the thing about a wish…it’s not magic.

Like anything worth having it takes effort to make it a reality.

We were only in Hawaii for 7 days but the moment I got back to Texas I began developing an exit strategy. It was hard, but exactly a year to the day after that magical island night I moved to Hawaii.

I made my wish come true.

Now, 40 years later I marvel at how blessed my life is to live here and still look up at that incredible Hawaiian night sky.

And thanks to the miracle of space technology I’ve also been inspired to paint it…to pick up my brushes and infuse a new series of paintings with the joy of having a wish fulfilled.

I call this new series The Nebula Collection.

Each piece is an invitation for you to appreciate the beauty of what lies beyond and to consider the universe of possibilities that lie within us all.

They are a reminder that wishing is merely the first step in manifesting your dreams into reality.

The Nebula Collection

The 4 piece Nebula Collection is my way of reminding the world to never hesitate to wish for something better… and to do whatever it takes to make that wish a reality.

Each painting offers a glimpse into the beauty of the cosmos that was always there, unseen until images from deep spaces rocketed to our newsfeeds.

Motivating artists like me to visually tell a story that might inspire someone who needs it.

We all have the ability to make our lives better. To make our wishes come true.

My wish was to create art that not only had meaning, but was outside of my comfort zone. It took work, but these pieces are the result.

Sharing them with you creates a connection between us. One that I hope will continue for a long, long time.

Each print has a short reminder of the power to make a wish your reality printed on the back.

I hope they inspire you to keep reaching for the stars.

Why Would I Give Away My Art....for FREE?

My true passion had always been art, but the life of a starving artist wasn’t for me. I had 2 successful careers over the past 45 years, but the entire time all I wished for was the chance to paint full-time.

And now I”m working to make my wish a reality.

Giving away this art helps me to get my name out there and to get my work into your hands and homes. It helps me extend my reach and connect with more people. (Maybe you’ll even think of me when you want original art!)

I believe in creating art that is both beautiful and has a message.

I hope one of these pieces speaks to you.

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Angel Nebula

Angels will help you realize everything you already know, but are not aware of, that will help make your wishes a reality

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RockStar Nebula

Believing you have your best rock star life – even before it happens– tells the universe that you are, indeed, ready for it.

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Gratitude Nebula

Practicing gratitude promotes a sense of abundance and creates the opportunities you need to succeed.

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Deep Sea Nebula

The Universe is connected, from sky to sea, anxious to reveal its secrets to anyone brave enough to ask.

$18.00 Free!

*Just pay $5.90 US shipping & handling fee

About George

George Evan Davis is an artist still living in Hawaii.

Recent exhibitions include Beyond Gender: The Future of Being Human, at the Ceres Gallery in New York City, and Art of Pride, at The Arts at Marks Garage Gallery in Honolulu.

He is an award winning illustrator and graphic designer and regular cover art contributor to the Hawaii Bar Journal, the largest publication for the 8,000 plus members of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

His art can be found in the homes and businesses of collectors from Hawaii to the mainland U.S. and beyond.

He has a B.A. in art and psychology.

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